Meet the Funders Event 2018: Funders presentations

On March 8th 2018 we hosted our annual Meet the Funders event in Bodmin for groups/projects looking for funding for social action, outreach and community work in Cornwall.  The day was targeted to faith groups and their communities with 11 key funders and support organisations who presented.  The presentations from the day are below:



Meet the Funders Event 2018 - Heritage Lottery Workshop

Tim Bland, from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), came to give a presentation regarding their new approach to allocating funding at our Meet the Funders Workshop held on 11th January 2018.  To view this presentation please - click here


List of Funding Links 2018

We have compiled a handy list of key funding links for community projects.  Please click here


Meet the Funders Programme 2012 - 2014 Impact Study

A study to determine the impact of the ‘Meet the Funders’ Programme which consists of funding events and workshops from 2012-2014. The full report includes findings from a survey of all the funders who have attended the events.

Key Findings:

  • 64% have applied for funding with a further 14% about to, or in the process
  • There was a total amount of £437,250 funds awarded in this sample, an average of £62,464 per group who reported a success
  • 89% were successful with their funding applications
  • If these figures were applied to all attendees of only the main Meet the Funders annual event in 2014, there would be £3,373,056 raised as a consequence
  • 75% of funders reported that groups had applied to their charity/trust for funding following an event
  • Funders reported an average of 5 groups applying to them for funding per event
  • Funders reported that they had awarded an average of £40,000 to groups per event (funds awarded ranged from £10,000-£150,000)

Click here for full report