Anti-Slavery Day Toolkit for Cornish Churches and Faith Groups

Below you can find a collection of resources which Transformation Cornwall and Churches Together in Cornwall have compiled for churches and faith groups across Cornwall to use on anti-slavery day.

The Toolkit was originally designed to support the recent Anti Slavery Day 2020 held on the 18th of October, but we are confident that you will find resources here to raise awareness of modern slavery throughout the year.

The tool-kit is organised according to the following headings:

Informational Material

  • What is modern slavery?
  • Modern Slavery in the UK and Cornwall
  • What is Anti-Slavery day?
  • How your church can get involved


  • General Resources
  • Prayer Resources
  • Sermon/Talk Resources
  • Video Resources
  • Children's Resources
  • Social Media Resources/Campaigns

Some of the material connected with modern day slavery may be explicit and/or traumatising, so please exercise sensitivity when choosing which materials to use for your church/group.

You can find more information on Modern Slavery in Cornwall by visiting our information page here.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain. It is often unknowingly present in the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the services we pay for.

Modern Slavery in the UK and Cornwall

Modern Slavery is an international issue affecting an estimated 46.8 million people globally. In the UK, the number of modern slavery victims has risen year on year, with over 10,000 victims identified to the authorities in 2019. This was a 52% rise when compared to the previous year.

Modern Slavery is sadly an increasing issue across Cornwall. In 2019, there were 87 potential victims of modern slavery referred to the Devon & Cornwall Police force under the National Referral Mechanism.

What is Anti-Slavery Day?

Anti-Slavery Day is held in the UK on the 18th of October every year since the passing of the Anti-Slavery Day Act 2010.

This year, anti-slavery day falls on a Sunday which is an opportunity for Churches to focus their services and prayers on modern slavery to raise awareness of the issue and move people to action in their local communities.

How your church can get involved

Churches and faith-based groups have a significant role to play in supporting victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.

On Sunday the 18th of October you might consider:

  • Spreading awareness of modern slavery as an issue for Cornwall
  • Delivering a sermon on the realities of modern slavery
  • Including intercessionary prayers for the victims and those working to free them
  • Taking a collection and donating it to charities that work to end slavery
  • Promoting action in your local community

General Resources for Anti-Slavery Day

A number of resources exist to help churches and faith-based groups run events and services to raise awareness about modern slavery. Some of these are directly related to anti-slavery day, while others are intended for use at any time.

Clewer Initiative

The Clewer initiative provide a number of resources to help churches engage with anti-slavery day. On their website you can find an anti-slavery day action list as well as specific resources for Sunday services.

Clewer Initiative Anti-Slavery Day Checklist

Clewer Initiative Anti-Slavery Day Resources

Freedom Sunday

The Freedom Sunday pack is a collection of resources to help faith communities build their understanding of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Freedom Sunday Pack

International Justice Mission

IJM provide a number of resources to help churches run a service to learn about slavery and the work of IJM. IJM can be contacted directly here any time of the year for help running an event related to their work.

IJM Freedom Sunday Resources


A21 will be hosting a one-day event on the 17th of October to equip individuals and groups to play their part in abolishing modern slavery and human trafficking. The event is focused around a one-hour live broadcast which you can access by signing up on their website.

A21 Global Freedom Summit


The Home Office provide a number of general resources related to modern slavery which might help inform your Sunday service. On their website you can find a number of videos, training materials, and contact details.

GOV.UK Anti-Slavery Resources

Ely Cathedral

On Sunday the 18th at 12:00 Ely cathedral will be live-streaming a presentation by by Shayne Tyler, Compliance Manager for Fresca Foods and campaigner against modern slavery and exploitative work; and a short conversation between Shayne, Canon Martin and Caroline Virgo from The Clewer Initiative. After your church service, you may wish to advertise this event to your congregation/group.

Ely Cathedral Called to Change Live Stream

Prayer Resources

Prayer is one of the most important things we can do as justice-seeking faith communities. A number of charities involved in work to end slavery and human trafficking offer prayer resources for churches and faith groups.

Clewer Initiative

The Clewer initiative provide a number of resources to help churches engage with anti-slavery day. On their website you can find an anti-slavery day action list as well as specific resources for Sunday services.

Clewer Initiative Prayer Resource

Freedom Sunday

Freedom Sunday’s prayer resources include prayer points, written prayers, and a guide for setting up prayer stations.

Freedom Sunday Prayer Resource

Sanctuary Centre Harrogate

The Sanctuary Centre in Harrogate have compiled a number of written prayers responding to human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Sanctuary Centre Prayers Responding to Modern Slavery


CARE have compiled a number of prayer points and bible verses to help groups and individuals.

CARE Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Prayer Resource

International Justice Mission

IJM have a number of prayer resources on their website including an interactive prayer tool and their fortnightly prayer email.

IJM Prayer Resources

Together in Sussex

Together in Sussex have compiled a number of prayers for use on anti-slavery day.

Together in Sussex Prayer Resources for Anti-Slavery Day

Sermon/Talk Resources

A number of the resources above will also include helpful material for talks and sermons. Below you can find two specific resources for helping you prepare a preach related to modern slavery.

International Justice Mission

IJM provide a specific sermon resource pack for churches including exegetical and lectionary resources as well as a sample sermon script.

IJM Freedom Sunday Sermon Guide

Freedom Sunday

Freedom Sunday provide a number of sermon/talk outlines and helpful scripture references.

Freedom Sunday Sermon and Talk Resources

Video Resources

As part of anti-slavery day, you might consider watching one of these videos with your group or sharing them on social media.

The Salvation Army

The salvation army have put together a short one-minute video with statistics related to modern slavery and helpful signs of how to spot modern slavery.

Signs of Slavery Video

The Clewer Initiative

The Clewer initiative have put together this emotive seven-minute video which tells Miriam’s story and her experience of slavery in the UK.

We See You: Modern Slavery in the UK

TEDx Exeter

This TEDx talk is given by Kate Garbers of Unseen, a charity that provides safety to survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery.

Modern slavery, hidden in plain sight

Children’s Resources

The resources below are specifically tailored to children and help introduce them to the problem of modern slavery in a sensitive and age appropriate manner.

The Clewer Initiative

This resource includes a helpful explanation of what modern slavery is and a number of activities for children.

Clewer Initiative Children’s Resources

Freedom Sunday

Freedom Sunday have created a children’s resource called ‘Akash and the Pigeons’ which includes stories and activities.

Freedom Sunday Children’s Resources

Social Media Resources/Campaigns

As part of your anti-slavery day campaign you might want to get involved in the following social media campaigns and hashtags.

The Clewer Initiative Social Media Campaign

The Clewer initiative are encouraging people add their 2020 Anti-Slavery Day Facebook frame to their profile pictures. You can add the frame to your profile by clicking the link below.

They are encouraging people to use the following hashtag:


Clewer Initiative Facebook Photo Frame

Salvation Army Social Media Campaign

The Salvation army has created a digital toolkit for anti-slavery day which is available below. The kit includes a suggested timeline for the run up to anti-slavery day and helpful examples of what you might want to post.

They are encouraging people to use the following hashtags:

#WeAreNotForSale #AntiSlaveryDay #WeAreNotForSale20 #AntiSlaveryDay20 #AntiSlaveryDay2020

Salvation Army Digital Toolkit