Faith Based Social Action: Four Reports

In 2020, we contributed to four national reports that assess the impact of social action and in particular faith based social action.

These were:

The Church and Social Cohesion Report (Theos)

The Church and Social Cohesion: Connecting Communities and Serving People is the concluding report of an 18–month project which seeks to understand the impact of churches on the cohesiveness of our communities across England.

Levelling Up Our Communities (Danny Kruger MP)

Levelling up our communities: proposals for a new social covenant is a report based on proposals collected by Danny Kruger MP to sustain the community spirit we saw during the lockdown.

Growing Good (GRA:CE Project)

In November 2020, the final report of the GRA:CE Project was launched. This was the culmination of a three year piece of research commissioned by the Church Urban Fund and carried out by Theos Think Tank.

Keeping the Faith (APPG on Faith & Society)

A report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Faith & Society highlighting how collaboration between local authorities and faith groups has dramatically increased in the pandemic.

You can download them all below:

Four Reports 1

The Church and Social Cohesion Report

The-Church-and-Social-Cohesion-Report.pdf (1.892 MB)

Levelling Up Our Communities

Levelling-Up-Our-Communities.pdf (783.082 KB)

Growing Good GRACE

Growing-Good-GRACE.pdf (1.939 MB)

Keeping the Faith

Keeping-the-Faith.pdf (704.365 KB)