Who Are Transformation Cornwall and What Are We Doing Now?

Transformation Cornwall strengthens faith based social action in Cornwall.

We provide infrastructure and capacity building support to groups, churches, faith and non-faith based organisations to enable them to respond to issues of poverty, deprivation and marginalisation in their area.

We work in three ways:

  • Delivering the Meet the Funders Programme
  • 1:1 work with churches and faith groups in Cornwall
  • Strengthening links between faith and mainstream organisations

In our 3rd work stream, since the Coronavirus Crisis, we have been working to address food poverty in Cornwall, particularly supporting the responses of our wonderful Cornish Foodbanks. Our work has included:

Pulling together a weekly (Friday) update with details of the Cornish Foodbanks to help:

  • Customers needing Foodbank support.
  • Potential donators of food/ money.
  • Strengthen, (and lessen), the work of the many dedicated and wonderful people behind the foodbanks.

The weekly (Friday) Cornish Foodbank Update is available HERE

Pulling together 2 weekly funding lists:
Our first grants list details possible funders that might support the work of Foodbanks, grass-root groups, and faith based social action projects in Cornwall.

Our second list details hardship grants for individuals in need.

The latest lists are available HERE

We've written a handy telephone signposting information sheet for Foodbanks and grassroot organisations across Cornwall.

The information sheet is available HERE

Do please share our work on social media or do contact us if we can help in any way.

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