Update on Cornish Foodbanks 29.05.2020

Cornish foodbanks remain open and crucially need our support.

Cornish Foodbanks:

Foodbanks across Cornwall need supplies of all tinned, dried or long-life food items - with a typical food parcel including: Breakfast cereal, longlife milk, soup, pasta, rice, pasta sauce, tinned beans, tinned meat, tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, tinned puddings, tea or coffee, sugar, biscuits and snacks. Many of the foodbanks also collect: Baby food, baby milk, disposable nappies, washing up liquid, Washing Powder, soap, Dry Dog Food, canned Dog Food and canned Cat Food.

We've pulled together an update with details of 18 of the Cornish Foodbanks to help:

  1. customers needing Foodbank parcel/support
  2. potential (both corporate and individual) donators of food/money
  3. strengthen, (and lessen), the work of the many dedicated and wonderful people behind the foodbanks

PLEASE NOTE: The mission of Foodbanks is to give out food parcels to people in need. Customers can access fodbanks with a food voucher. Many of the foodbanks now operate an e-voucher system but please check how your local Foodbanks is operating.

There are many wonderful community food projects that people without foodbank vouchers can access and in many cases this may be more appropriate.

Update on Cornish Foodbanks9 29 05 20

Update-on-Cornish-Foodbanks9-29.05.20.pdf (445.322 KB)