At Transformation Cornwall we strengthen faith based social action in Cornwall.

We believe that the best people to develop flourishing communities are the communities themselves – and that faith groups in Cornwall are at the very heart of that!

Transformation Cornwall is a credible and successful organisation which does things differently. We believe in our communities, and we support people sharing their faith in action.

Our projects are always local and our focus tight. We support the effective development of networks, and we equip people in churches up and down the county to take action.

Please help us to transform lives and communities in Cornwall. Anything you contribute will make a lasting difference and all donations will be treated in the strictest confidence:

  • £1 each month for a year would pay for printed resources at our community workshops
  • £5 each month for a year would pay for a 1:1 advice session with a Cornish faith group
  • £10 each month for a year would pay for us to bring together the Cornish faith community with other organisations to develop collaborative and real change

Or if you would like to donate a one-off amount to support our work, we will make your generosity count.