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"A home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right, as vital as education or healthcare.

But in Britain today, that right is being denied to millions of people whose lives are blighted by homelessness, bad conditions, soaring rents, discrimination and the threat of eviction." Shelter

Transformation Cornwall supports a number of different projects for those who are experiencing homelessness. Our aim is to share best practice across Cornwall and nationally to develop routes out of homelessness.

Below are some of the organisations, services, resources and reading around homelessness in Cornwall and nationally. Please contact us at info@transformation-cornwall.org.uk if you would like to add to the below:

  • St Petrocs: St Petrocs are working to end street homelessness in Cornwall by providing accommodation, support, advice, training and resettlement services to single homeless people. www.stpetrocs.org.uk
  • St Petrocs Advice Line: If you, or anyone you know might be facing homelessness or need information and advice, call the St Petrocs Advice Line: 01872 264153
  • Homeless Support Services - Falmouth, Penryn and Truro: Please download the flyer HERE with information collated by The Salvation Army which is distributed to rough sleepers and other people in need. The flyer outlines where people may gain support throughout Falmouth, Penryn and Truro.
  • Streetlink: If you are concerned about someone over the age of 18 that you have seen sleeping rough in England or Wales, you can use the Streetlink website www.streetlink.org.uk or phone 0300 500 0914 to alert Streetlink. The details you provide are sent to the local Outreach Team to help find the individual and connect them to support within 48 hours.
  • Shelter: Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services. And we campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to us for help. www.england.shelter.org.uk
  • Crisis: Crisis are the national charity for homeless people. We help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether. www.crisis.org.uk
  • The Clewer Initiative: Homeless people are at risk of modern slavery. They are being targeted at drop-ins, winter night shelters, and on the streets. The Clewer Initiative report that in the last two years, the Modern Slavery Helpline has had reports of 353 potential victims who were homeless before, during, or after being exploited. They are working to raise awareness and change the story. https://www.theclewerinitiative.org/letstalk

Resource List:
'Building Community' report: Highlights some of the extraordinary work local churches and dioceses are already doing to help tackle the housing problems they see in their community. Download the report here

Hope into Action
Hope into Action provides homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches.

Housing Justice
Housing Justice is the national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing. They offer support to churches looking to address these issues in their communities.

Lost and Found: Faith and Spirituality in the lives of homeless people.
Report by Carwyn Gravell for Lemos and Crane demonstrating the need to elicit and listen to the inner voices of homeless people individually and collectively, to see beyond and beneath their presenting needs, to engage with their faith and spiritual identities and to facilitate their development wherever possible through discussion and action. Download the report here

Homelessness and Evangelism
This Grove Book reflects on how Christians can respond appropriately with the Good News to those who are homeless. www.grovebooks.co.uk/products/ev-52-homelessness-and-evangelism

CUF Together Network

Relational Working and Homelessness: An Evidence Review

CUF have recently published a paper based on a report on relational approaches to addressing homelessness. Commissioned by CUF, the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York undertook an evidence review to explore: what it means to take a relational approach to addressing homelessness; the benefits and challenges of adopting a relational approach to address homelessness; and the potential distinctive contribution of a faith-based approach to relational working. This paper is a summary of their findings and is available HERE

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"At St Petrocs we believe homelessness shouldn’t be an issue in our society. We believe that for anyone facing homelessness, for whatever reason, there should be the care and support they need to help them."