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Mental Health

Transformation Cornwall works to strengthen the networks of Cornish mental health services and provide opportunities for the Cornish faith community to better work together to continue to provide services that meet their community’s needs.

We also highlight the work of both mental health services and the faith community in responding to people experiencing mental ill health.

Faith & Mental Health Network: Transformation Cornwall are members of the Faith & Mental Health Network in Cornwall. The Network is a mutually supportive group of people, offering a safe space to explore issues, share information, resources and best practice; relating faith to mental health and offering insights to help us help those we are standing alongside.

A Day on Faith and Mental Health: In October 2019 Transformation Cornwall partnered with Truro Diocese and the Department of Spiritual and Pastoral Care at Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to host ‘A Day on Faith and Mental Health’. The aim of the day was to raise awareness and promote discussion among the faith and mental health communities in Cornwall. The event was mapped by a comprehensive resource document so people could be guided and follow up work with speakers and local and national initiatives in this area.

Headstart Kernow: Building resilience and mental wellbeing for children and young people. There are some great, practical resources on the website of Headstart Kernow, including support for parents, free training for schools, a virtual ringbinder of services for adults and young people, an online resilience tool (with podcasts of how to use it) and so much more....

Sanctuary Mental Health have produced 'Deeply Rooted: A Wellbeing Resource for Leaders during Coronavirus' which is designed to allow you to reflect on self-care in the midst of a season that may feel overwhelming, exhausting, and isolating. Free to download from their website, the resource aims to help you recognise the risk of burnout, invite you to connect with your experience, and encourage you to implement practical steps toward wellbeing.

Loss and HOPE is a coalition of Christian organisations who feel passionately about Churches of all denominations across the UK being equipped to support the bereaved. They have a wealth of resources and ideas on their website including some great looking 'Youth Leader Training'. Since the pandemic, they are working hard to equip churches across the UK to run The Bereavement Journey for those grieving in our nation.

Faith Action have some fantastic resources on their website: case studies, top tips, sign up to their friendly places pledge and much more.

Cornwall Bereavement Network: Launched in March 2020, the network makes support easily accessible to those experiencing bereavement, whether that is through end-of-life care, funeral planning, legal services, counselling, or support groups.

Caritas Plymouth have produced a comprehensive 'Mental Health and Covid 19' information document which you can download HERE.

Care for the Family: are a national charity promoting strong family life and offering help those who face family difficulties. The charity focus on the following areas of family life: marriage, parenting and bereavement. Great resources and support with a particuarly helpful COVID-19 section.

Together in Sussex: Together in Sussex is helping churches and communities across Sussex respond well to those experiencing poor mental health. Together in Sussex have a number of useful resources including their Faith and Mental Health report:

The Church of England has some great mental health resources on their website. Stating that: 'At all levels, the Church can be a voice for the voiceless, helping to reduce the stigma often associated with peoples' mental health'. Pages include: Five tips to deal with loneliness and isolation; 13 Daily Reflections and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Resources.

Flourish: Flourish Inter-Churches Suicide Prevention initiative formally started in 2013. Flourish aims to support churches to develop a focused and shared approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable people and people affected by suicide and to develop and provide appropriate training and good practice guidelines for clergy, church leaders and pastoral teams. Flourish is a partnership between Lighthouse Ireland and clergy from across churches in Northern Ireland. The initiative has been developed in partnership with and supported by the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency. Flourish have an excellent website with a comprehensive library of resources.

The Catholic Mental Health Project: Supports the Catholic community to further develop spiritual and pastoral care for mental health.

Further work in this area:

Find out more about the wonderful Quiet Connections who supported our Day on Faith and Mental Health. Quiet Connections vision is 'Changing the culture of shame around those of us who are quieter by speaking the unspoken and reframing quiet'.

Visit the National Bereavement Alliance website to download their Guidelines on Delivering Bereavement Support Groupsbooklet to look at developing a bereavement support group in your area.

Download the Support After Suicide Partnership 'Finding the Words' short guide to learn more about how to support someone who has been bereaved and affected by suicide.

Sign up to the Faith Action Friendly Places Pledge for faith groups to make a commitment to be a place which welcomes and supports those struggling with their mental health.

Develop future events promoting World Mental Health Day.

Download the Samaritans Media Guidelines and best practice tips for reporting suicide and self-harm safely. The Samaritans have separate 'Guidance for Covering Youth Suicides, Clusters and Self-harm'.

Papyrus is the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. Their website has links to their comprehensive resources and services including details of the excellent HOPELINEUK telephone line.

Catch up on the Mental Health Conference held by the Diocese of Peterborough - see article in Cross Keys February 2020 HERE.

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    Please download the resource document from the day HERE

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    "The day was brilliant. Apart from the excellent input up front and imaginative choice of seminars, the net-working that was going on was invaluable. Thank you so much for your hard work and vision."

    Archdeacon Paul Bryer