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Modern Slavery

“The scale of modern slavery and human trafficking is increasing steadily and the threat is growing.” National Crime Agency.

Modern Slavery is an increasing issue across Cornwall and we are working with partners to highlight this problem and tackle it.

Transformation Cornwall hosts the Cornwall Modern Slavery Network, in partnership with Churches Together Cornwall and Cornwall Refugee Resource Network. The network is a space to share, receive training and spread awareness of Modern Slavery in Cornwall. The network meets bi-monthly, and welcomes all individuals and organisations from across Cornwall to join our fight against modern slavery.

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Resources and Organisations Fighting Modern Slavery

  • Unseen is an anti-slavery charity running Modern Slavery Helpline, working with survivors, businesses, governments, police and NHS to end slavery for good. Anti-Slavery Partnership Co-ordinator Hilary Agg, joined our network in April 2024- you can download her presentation providing an overview of modern slavery and exploitation HERE.
    • Anti-Slavery Day Toolkit: The toolkit is updated for 2023 and designed by Transformation Cornwall in partnership with Churches Together in Cornwall. The toolkit contains a wealth of information and resources to help churches and faith groups raise awareness of modern slavery throughout the year.
    • Bringing Freedom: is a non-profit Christian based Cornish charity focused on creating awareness about the dangers surrounding human trafficking and slavery. Each year we Join Bringing Freedom as they host the A21 walk for freedom.
    • The Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority: works in partnership to protect vulnerable and exploited workers. Through the intelligence we receive from our inspections, the public, industry and other government departments, we investigate reports of worker exploitation and illegal activity such as human trafficking, forced labour and illegal labour provision, as well as offences under the National Minimum Wage and Employment Agencies Acts.
    • International Justice Mission: is a global organisation with a plan to eliminate slavery everywhere. They work to: Set People Free; Prosecute Slave Owners; Put the Slave Trade out of Business for Good.
    • The Medaille Trust: mission is to provide refuge and freedom from modern slavery. The Medaille Trust are the largest provider of supported safe house beds for victims of modern slavery in the UK.
    • A21: mission is to end slavery with their operational strategy, and the heart cry of the organisation, to Reach, Rescue and Restore.
    • The Salvation Army: has held the government contract to provide specialist support to adult victims of modern slavery in England and Wales for more than eight years. In that time we have supported more than 8,000 victims, through safe accommodation, outreach support and specialist services tailored to each individual. The Salvation Army operate a 24/7, confidential referral helpline 0800 808 3733 for anyone who suspects that they or someone they have come across may be a victim of modern slavery and in need of help. A specialist international team sits within The Salvation Army’s Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery department in the UK and Republic of Ireland. They focus on supporting countries where communities are vulnerable to trafficking. View the leaflet providing an overview of the Salvation Army service and advice for first responders HERE. In March 2021, the Salvation Army held a Modern Slavery Livestream event which you can watch HERE.
    • The National Crime agency: are working with partners in the UK and around the world to pursue offenders and safeguard victims of modern slavery and human trafficking .
    • Stronger Together: is a multi-stakeholder business-led initiative aiming to reduce modern slavery particularly forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third party exploitation of workers. Stronger Togethers website has a wealth of resources for businesses on modern-day slavery.
    • Made in a Free World: An American organisation working globally to fight slavery. Made in a Free World recognises that forced labour accounts for the majority of slavery victims, and work with businesses to find and eradicate forced labour from their supply chains. Made in a Free World created the a simple questionnaire which helps consumers learn about how they may be unwittingly complicit in the perpetuation of forced labour based on the products they buy.
    • Caritas Plymouth shares in the mission of the Catholic Church. We support the network of social action charities and parishes within the Plymouth Diocese, working in partnership with them to help poor, vulnerable and marginalised people. Caritas Plymouth have held three Modern Slavery events.
    • Stacked Odds: Report looking at why women and girls more vulnerable to modern slavery.

    In June 2019 Transformation Cornwall attended two day training delivered by the Clewer Initiative, the Church of England's response to Modern Slavery.

    From that, we worked with partners across the county to:

    • Champion Hidden Voices Training in Cornish Churches.
    • Strengthen the development of Church led, ‘Slavery Free’ initiatives.
    • Develop resources for the Cornish Business community to raise awareness and understand how they can make their business slavery proof.
    • Developed a comprehensive Anti-Slavery Day toolkit.

    Contact us for more details:

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    "No one person can do everything, but every one of us can do something."

    Christine Caine, Co-Founder A21