Energy and Sustainability Workshop Resources

Energy & Sustainability Workshop Resources

In this final workshop from the Meet the Funders 2022 series (which took place on Thursday 17th January 2023) we heard from Dr Tim Jones, CEO of Community Energy Plus and Mike Sturgess, Treasurer and Creation Care Champion of St Martin's Church Liskeard. Our speakers and delegates explored questions around how to future proof buildings and shared their experience of researching and implementing energy saving measures.

CEP Presentation Futureproof community assets

CEP-Presentation-Futureproof-community-assets.pdf (1.498 MB)

Liskeard Church and Church Centre Presentation

Liskeard-Church-and-Church-Centre-Presentation.pdf (5.072 MB)

The Viability of Air Source Heat Pumps in Historic Buildings Report

The-Viability-of-Air-Source-Heat-Pumps-in-Historic-Buildings-Report.pdf (3.971 MB)

Mt F Community Workshop Energy and Sustainability Funders List

MtF-Community-Workshop-Energy-and-Sustainability-Funders-List.pdf (327.234 KB)