Finding Funders and Putting Together a Funding Application

This community workshop was an opportunity for individuals and groups from across Cornwall to come and discuss their project ideas and funding applications they were preparing.

Our experts were on hand to go through the work already underway on funding application and to discuss suitable funders to approach. Our guests who were at the 'ideas' stage of their social action project were supported with planning the next steps towards getting their idea off the ground.

Community Workshop Resources

The links below will allow you to access the presentation delivered at the workshop, along with a special questionnaire which can be used to invite feedback on your draft funding application.

Octo workshop

Where to find funders writing copy Presentation

Where-to-find-funders_writing-copy-Presentation.pptx (2.084 MB)

Questionnaire to improve a funding application

Questionnaire-to-improve-a-funding-application.docx (23.697 KB)