Looking for personal help?

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from people in financial difficulty. We are sorry that Transformation Cornwall is not set up to offer direct support to individuals in need. However, we are happy to recommend some fantastic organisations that could help answer your questions.

Where to look for help

The purpose of Transformation Cornwall is to enable Cornish projects and charities to grow and support their local communities. We have a special focus on poverty. Whilst we cannot get directly involved in helping people who are in need, we work alongside organisations who may be able to help. These links are a great place to start if you are looking for help with your own financial problems. Thank you for getting in touch with Transformation Cornwall, we hope you find the support you need soon.

Grants - What you need to know - Turn2us

Household Support Fund - Cornwall Council

Citizens Advice

Help with Food | Let's Talk Cornwall

Community Energy Plus, Cornwall's Independent Energy Experts (cep.org.uk)

Cornwall - Worried about Money? (worryingaboutmoney.co.uk)

The Clewer Initiative | Modern Slavery Report It