Meet the Funders: Buildings Workshop

This workshop has a specific focus on finding funding for building projects: whether for a new building or repairs to enhance your community work and welcome.

Below you can find the recording of the workshop and presenter slides. Due to technical difficulties only the second half of the workshop is available.

Stephen Chidgey From Boilers to Belfreys how and why do we fix our buildings with the environment in mind

Stephen-Chidgey-From-Boilers-to-Belfreys-how-and-why-do-we-fix-our-buildings-with-the-environment-in-mind.pdf (2.793 MB)

Jane Yeomans Funding for Building Projects

Jane-Yeomans-Funding-for-Building-Projects.pdf (1.614 MB)

Mike Sturgess St Martins Liskeard Reordering Project min

Mike-Sturgess-St-Martins-Liskeard-Reordering-Project-min.pdf (2.104 MB)