Meet the Funders Spring Event Resources

Please find downloadable Funder presentations from our event. Please note the information is true as of the time of sharing and are subject to change.

Mt F
Mt F 1

The National Lottery Community Fund Mt F 2023

The-National-Lottery-Community-Fund-MtF-2023.pptx (4.896 MB)

The Duchy Health Charity Mt F 2023

The-Duchy-Health-Charity-MtF-2023.pptx (760.253 KB)

Cornwall Community Foundation Mt F 2023

Cornwall-Community-Foundation-MtF-2023.pptx (5.37 MB)

Cornwall Historic Churches Trust Mt F 2023

Cornwall-Historic-Churches-Trust-MtF-2023.pdf (3.606 MB)

CNP Presentation CCF and Levelling Up COMBINED not CAP specific Mt F 2023

CNP-Presentation-CCF-and-Levelling-Up-COMBINED-not-CAP-specific-MtF-2023.pdf (2.126 MB)

ASDA Foundation Mt F 2023

ASDA-Foundation-MtF-2023.pdf (5.546 MB)