Sharing the Donate the Rebate Campaign in your church

If just one member of every church congregation in Cornwall contributes to this campaign, we will have a huge impact on our local community. That's why we've created this easy guide to sharing the campaign in your church communications.

We also know that not everyone in church wants to donate online. Below is a link to download the form for making an offline donation to the Cornwall Community Foundation Poverty Hurts campaign. Please encourage donors to mark their form 'Donate the Rebate Campaign'.

There will of course also be many in our churches who need extra support themselves. Encouraging everyone to join together in prayer for this campaign is equally important, and more resources to support the campaign are coming soon!

Churches Sharing Donate the Rebate Campaign

Churches-Sharing-Donate-the-Rebate-Campaign.pdf (491.908 KB)

Donation PH Gift Aid form 2022

Donation-PH-Gift-Aid-form-2022.docx (232.288 KB)

Support the campaign today

The most important thing you can do to help is to share this link with your congregation.

Donate here