Transformation Cornwall Grant Lists

We have created these lists of possible funding that might be suitable for some of our wonderful Foodbanks, grassroots groups and Faith based social action projects in Cornwall.

We are updating the grants lists regularly but funding opportunities are continuing to change at a pace so we would suggest that if you see a suitable grant open that meets your needs to go for it.

We also update a grants list for individuals and families in need of emergency financial help. The comprehensive list includes grants for those who have worked in certain professions, support for disabled people, young people, and so much more.

Below you will find lists for groups and organisations, funders sensitive to faith based projects, and finally a folder with lists for support for individuals.

Funders Sensitive to Faith Based Projects Autumn 2023

Funders-Sensitive-to-Faith-Based-Projects-Autumn-2023.pdf (314.584 KB)

Children Young People

Children-Young-People_2023-04-12-091802_vghn.pdf (241.306 KB)

Disability Illness Mental Health

Disability-Illness-Mental-Health_2023-04-12-091819_wpkx.pdf (289.079 KB)


Education_2023-04-12-091825_yzli.pdf (253.833 KB)

Old Age

Old-Age_2023-04-12-091830_txvy.pdf (225.012 KB)

Hardship Grants for Individuals (1.546 MB)

General 2024

General-2024.pdf (388.081 KB)