Vision Setting and Project Planning Workshop Resources

In this workshop we explored the importance of vision setting and the practicalities of project planning. Below you will find a recording of the session and a link to download the resources we used in the workshop.

Project Planning and Vision Setting Workbook 1

Project-Planning-and-Vision-Setting-Workbook-1.pdf (914.219 KB)

Skills audit example

Skills-audit-example.docx (19.884 KB)

Who Do You Know txt

Who-Do-You-Know.txt.docx (15.497 KB)

Project planning RE 1

Project-planning-RE-1.pdf (277.808 KB)

Icebreaker timeline activity

Icebreaker_timeline-activity.docx (19.196 KB)

AR Vision June 22

AR-Vision-June-22.pdf (942.495 KB)